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Welcome to Rainbow Spaces

Creating more inclusive spaces for our Rainbow Families

Rainbow Spaces are spaces where we can feel safe, secure, and included. we lead with empathy to ensure that no one feels left out.

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We saw there was a need for inclusive Queer Youth events 

Our Mission

Rainbow Spaces was created to build spaces that are inclusive and effortless in communities whose diverse needs are often not addressed. 
Our founders are both Queer and Ally, residents and leaders in our communities. 
We know that true change is not just striving for equality, but equity, which is done through acknowledging our roots, our abilities, and our limitations; and addressing them.
We know success begins with comfort in our current space, and being able to move through the world with pride in who we are. 
Our goal is to remind you that just being you is your SUPERPOWER!

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Inclusive and created with equity in mind

Welcome: What We Do

Rainbow Skate

Skate by the Sea at the HDC

Southbay Rainbow Ride

October 8th 2022
Click for more info!


Rainbow Youth Swim Time

Come as You Are

Rainbow Soiree

Come dance the night away on the Bay


LGBTQIA+ Education

For marginalized communities

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Want to support our outreach?

Donate and fund an inclusive event.

At Rainbow Spaces we reinvest our donations back into our community organizations that help us create inclusive spaces. 
We work hard to make sure that we don't just create inclusive spaces, but equitable spaces that benefit our community and it's advocates that are working hard, such as the YMCA and Our Safe Space.

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Want us to present at your business or organization?

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All young people, regardless of sexual orientation or identity, deserve a safe and supportive environment in which to achieve their full potential.”

Harvey Milk

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