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Our Story

Affirmation and Inclusion 

Living in the farthest parts of San Diego, we know the impact of not having resources or LGBTQ+ representation in our communities. Our children face cultural barriers on top of struggling to exist in their identities. 

We decided rather than be upset, we could provide opportunities ourselves, with an understanding of what our youth need. 

We reached out to National City Mayor Alejandra Sotelo-Solis, who gave us our first yes, after which Chula Vista, Imperial Beach, and San Diego City leaders all committed to helping us create spaces that were inclusive and safe for our youth.   

We have grown from the five youths who came to our initial Rainbow Swim at Loma Verde pool in the summer of 2021 to the hundreds of families all over San Diego County who have enjoyed our free events.  

Every one of our events is open to every inclusive youth up to age 24 because we know that our identities are intersectional, and often a path still being taken. 

By making our events free, accessible via public transportation, and in the South and East County communities, we are determined to grow with purpose and a promise that no space should feel inaccessible for our LGBTQ+ youth.

Our 5 Community Commitments




We emphasize cultural competency by collaborating with local community grassroots organizations



We partner with local, BIPOC, Queer owned businesses for all our events to ensure that the money we receive is reinvested in the community



Our Outreach is purposeful, with intent, by meeting our youth where they exist.



All our events are free, and centered in the communities we serve, along bus and trolley lines, to ensure cost and transportation are not a barrier.



We recognize cultural, religious, and familial ties to ensure that our inclusion is truly inclusive.

Meet the Board

Advocates, Allies, and Community Members 

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Chula Vista Today : South Bay non- profit dedicated to creating Inclusive Spaces for Youth

October 7th, 2021

Our Community Partners

We are most grateful for our multiple partnerships across our communities. We know that change begins with a group effort. 

City of Chula Vista

City of National City

City of Imperial Beach

The City of Chula Vista was the second city to commit to our LGBTQIA+ Swim time, and provided us the most access locally. We are grateful for their continued works towards making the city a safe place for our youth.

The city of National City was the first city to commit to providing a swim space for our LGBTQIA+ youth one the summer of 2021. We hope to continue advocacy in the community by addressing the needs of its community members

Lacking a community pool, City of Imperial Beach leaders worked with Rainbow Spaces to provide access to alternative locations, like Camp Surf, in order to recognize the importance of safe spaces for LGBTQIA+ youth

Southbay YMCA Services

Free Mom Hugs

MANA De San Diego

Providing swim access in their Southbay center pool located on Paseo Del Rey, Southbay YMCA continues to strive to bring LGBTQ+ centered programming to our Southbay LGBTQIA+ youth

Free Mom Hugs provides support for LGBTQIA+ Families across the United States. San Diego Leaders have come out to our events to speak with families, and of course, provide hugs.

MANA de San Diego is centered in the education and success of the Latine community, so having their support in our efforts is invaluable. We are honored to be able to list them as community partners in our efforts to not just have our youth live, but thrive!

Our Community Support

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